Mail Master is currently providing cloud email service to over 800 companies.
From SMEs to large corporates, they are trusting in our service and expertise.

At Mail Master, we aim to solve our clients’ problem as fast and effective as possible.
We have our team monitoring the system and standing by 24x7

At Mail Master, we have many specialists ranging from system experts to DNS experts and
software experts. Thus, our team is capable to solve all kind of problems for our clients. You
can rest assured that your problem will be solved.

Support Work Details

Out of business hours: 24x7
  • In case of emergency, the system is down or unreachable

During the business hours: Monday – Friday 9.00 hr. – 18.00 hr.
  • Setup and change DNS (Domain, Name Server)
  • Add, delete, change user details
  • Examine and solve users’ problems. Follow up until the email resumes to normal condition.
  • Remote to client’s desktop.
  • Other that are related to our service.
Support Contact Details

Remote Details
  • Make an appointment prior to the remote time *
  • We remote via Anydesk program. For download detail click here
  • We remote to solve problem, setup email, or demonstrate admin panel
  • Remote time is 30 minutes per session.

*unless the email is not accessible, we will remote immediately to solve the problem

We reserve the right not to remote to user’s desktop for the following reasons
  • Setup programs or anything that is not related to our email service
  • Migrate email data and contact data from user’s desktop to server to any email client.